Where do you buy your shirts?

This is something that’s been exercising me for a little while. I have a hodge-podge of shirts from the likes of Hawkes & Curtis (stupid poor delivery fulfilment), Ede & Ravenscroft, Marks & Spencer, T.M. Lewin and so on. I also have a custom made one from A Suit That Fits. I’ll come on to […]

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Gaucho: My favourite Steak restaurant in London

  I’m quite a fan of the Gaucho chain of steak restaurants. I really do enjoy the premium experience they strive to deliver. Their focus is on Argentinian food (steak, of course) and superb South American wines.  There’s quite a range of steak houses nowadays arrayed across London. I’ve tried most of them. Hawksmoor, Miller […]

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Bought another Beko; this is becoming a habit!

It’s me again. It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I’m continuing my Beko habit. The last time I wrote about Beko was when the tumble dryer stopped working and we needed a new one (Read: “The business of buying a tumble dryer“). We’d made an impulse purchase, a few years ago, of a ‘cheap’ […]

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Buying buildings, contents and car insurance

Over on my FinTech Warrior blog I’ve been writing about my experience with NatWest Private Insurance. Here’s a snippet and link: I’ve used Direct Line for home and car insurance for quite a while. Years. In recent times we’ve upgraded to the Direct Line Select service on account of my wife liking the sound of […]

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The business of buying a tumble dryer

We needed a tumble dryer when we were renting a while ago back in 2011. Since we were living on a temporary basis we didn’t want to spend a lot of money or do much in the way of thinking regarding a tumble dryer. We just needed a fairly basic cheap one. In the end […]

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Stop buying wine from the supermarket

I used to waste a fair amount of money on buying wine at the various different supermarkets we frequent. I regularly spent way over £10 on bottles that ended up as “Vinegar+” or, at best, “Vinegar+++”. Now and again I’d read the little labels and buy a £20+ bottle. Every time I was disappointed. I […]

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The scarf sent to me by The Chapar

Here is the first item I’ve chosen from the selection sent to me from the team at The Chapar. What do you think? My wife approves — and that, fundamentally, is all that matters right? Oh and I am warm too. It’s got just a bit chillier this week. Thank you Hannah at The Chapar.

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